NEWS: 2014 - APERTURE BOOK! Amelia and the Animals.


New York Magazine's The Science of Us by  

Gabrielle Plucknette 

Wild Child: See a Girl Grow Up in Portraits With Animals 

"One way think of Robin Schwartz's 12-year photo  

project with her daugher, Amelia:  

It's kinda like Boyhood. But with animals." 

NYC Aperture Talk & book signing with Amelia 

& EXHIBITION Dec. 1, 7pm, Monday 

17 Best Photobooks of 2014 by  

The Humble Arts Foundaton 

Amelia and The Animals Book Signing -Paris Photo  

Aperture Booth November 16 

Photo Alliance - SFAI - Talk/Booksigning 

OPRAH Magazine, Nov., pg. 42

Live Your Best Live: Animal INSTINCTS 

"Photographer Robin Schwartz captures daughter's wild side" 

Interviews:I must have been unedited on this first one: 

BiscuitsSpace.comby Katherine Carver - Interview by Limor Garfinkle - Interview 


Amelia and the Animals Presentation & booksigning 

video on youtube 

NEW YORK MAGAZINE - Wild Child: See a Girl Grow Up in Portraits With Animals, "It's like Boyhood. Kinda" 

TIME MAGAZINE LIGHTBOX!! Best Photo Books of Fall!!! 

Amelia and the Animals, Aperture 3 photos 

HUMBLE ARTS - The Group Exhibition and Reviews: 

Huffington Post- This Amazing Contemporary Photography Project Is Devoted Entirely To Cats 

BBC NEWS - In pictures, Feline Focus 

MAKO, Israel, feature an photos. 

TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE - Feature and Interview with Amelia and me. Print Magazine cover, Interview and online Gallery and captions from Interview - 2 different links 

PDN MAGAZINE - The Costly Business of Photo Book Publishing, Photo from Aperture Book Amelia and the Animals/re: Kickstarter - print & online 

Your Shot National Geographic Magazine Curating/Editing  

The Animal We Love - published story 

Behind The Edit:The Animals We Love, Not Published, but Loved.  

APERTURE Book Amelia and The Animals,  

Fall 2013 

Kickstarter Success & Thank you!! - 2 video / Update 

TODAY.COM - NBC - 12 Years / Slide Show & Interview 

TWO- CBS NEWS features: 12 years & My Mom 

My Modern Met Blog 

Fast Company Designs Blog 

Graine De Photographe 

37th Frame